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Permanently beautiful, whatever your age.

Why Use Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is well established as one of the leading beauty secrets of women of all ages, and it’s not hard to see why! Your chosen pigment colour is gently implanted into your perfectly styled eyebrows, lips or eyeline, enhancing shape and giving more definition and colour. The best bit? You can forget your daily makeup routine! Perfectly applied makeup is here to stay!



Permanent Eyebrows Bournemouth Time Saving Beauty Secret

Perfectly shaped eyebrows can truly enhance your eyes and frame your face beautifully. The right shape and definition can really take years off you, giving the illusion of a lift! Whether you’re looking for a new style, longer or thicker looking brows or simply a subtle improvement, I can create a long-lasting look to suit you perfectly.


Permanent Eyeliner Bournemouth Time Saving Beauty Secret

Permanent Eyeliner and Eyelash Enhancement are subtle (but noticeable) additions to “bare” eyes. No need any longer to apply eyeliner in the morning or remove it at night. Plus, it stays perfect 24/7 – even when swimming, at the gym or when rubbing your eyes!

Permanent Lip Liner
& Lip Blush

Permanent Lips Bournemouth Time Saving Beauty Secret

Do you want perfectly in-place, smudge-free lip colour, day and night? Or more definition and symmetry on a receding lip line? Do you want to show off your already perfect pout, or to give the illusion of a subtle volume increase? I will create a colour of your choice, to suit your natural skin tone, for a gorgeous look you’ll love – as subtle or as bold as you choose.

Bournemouth Permanent Makeup – What You Need to Know

12 Things You Need To know When Chosing Your Permanent Makeup Artist!

With the many benefits of Permanent Makeup, otherwise known as; semi-permanent makeup or cosmetic micropigmentation, this procedure is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty industry. There are therefore a growing number of people out there performing these services who do not always have the right qualifications or training. If you are considering having Permanent Makeup, please do your homework and find a specialist with experience in this field with whom you feel comfortable.

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Why Are Clients Traveling From Miles Around To Have Their Permanent Makeup Done With Alex at Bournemouth Permanent Makeup? …

  • Do you want to save time spent applying and removing makeup?


  • Are you fed up with makeup smudging or fading?


  • Do you want to look your best at all times, even at the gym, when swimming or on holiday?


  • Do your eyes itch or water, meaning your eyeliner doesn’t stay?


  • Perhaps you struggle to apply makeup well due to poor eyesight or shaky hands?


  • Would you like a subtle hint of colour added to your face?


  • Would you love to wake up each day looking fresh and ready to leave the house?


  • Do you simply want some more shape or definition to lips, brows or eyes?

… Well so do they!  – Read some of my client’s reviews below to see what they say about their permanent makeup …

Bournemouth Permanent Makeup Client Testimonials

Anika Reynolds, Powder Brows

Hannah Kemp, Combination Brows


Gemma Clark, Brows

Lauren Heppell, Brows

Connie O’Gormley, Brows

Just had my brows done by Alex and I have to say, I am over the moon. I was so worried and anxious initially but she made me feel so relaxed and so welcome. She answered any questions I had and listened to what it was I wanted. The outcome……FANTASTIC! HIGHLY recommend and I will be definitely going back. Thank you Alex, you have made my morning routine sooooo much easier and given me that confidence I had lost. xx

Sarah, Bournemouth

Simone Jade Clark Permanent Eyebrow Correction

Simone Jade Clark Permanent Eyebrow Correction

Bournemouth Permanent Makeup Client Portfolio

Bournemouth Permanent Makeup Latest Blog Posts


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What Is Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup FAQ’s 

What is Permanent Makeup? Permanent makeup (also known as semi-permanent makeup, or micropigmentation) is a form of tattooing. It can be applied on the brows, lips and eyes (eyeliner). Pigment is placed under your skin, which technically stays there forever, but visually it does fade over time due to the way the body heals and…

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6 Reasons to Get Permanent Makeup

SIX REASONS TO GET PERMANENT MAKEUP Ok, so you’ve heard of permanent makeup (or semi-permanent makeup; it’s the same thing). If not, you probably know someone with permanent brows but don’t even know it – they can look ultra-natural. And the chances are you think of permanent makeup as being all about the brows –…

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