Permanent Eyebrow Procedures

Permanent Eyebrows Bournemouth

For Permanent Eyebrows, I always work with you to design and agree on the perfect shape to suit your unique face before starting treatment.

Permanent Eyebrow Treatments

All styles of brow are carefully placed where they would sit naturally, with the exception of any minor tweaks to create that perfect shape and a ‘lift’ if needed.

They are meticulously crafted to add as much symmetry as possible and styled to suit your unique face. Any existing brow hair is kept intact, with the exception of any strays outside of the new design.


All treatments include: A free consultation, aftercare, & a top-up appointment after 6 weeks.

3 Different Styles…

FeatherBrow Hairstroke Brows - Permanent Eyebrows

Natural Hair Strokes: FeatherBrow

Natural looking hair strokes are gently etched within the newly created brow shape, blending with any existing brow hair.

This style gives a more minimal look than powder/ombre brows and is ideal for those wishing to add the look of natural brow hair where there is none, or just for a fuller look to your natural brows.

Whether you’re after ‘fluffy’ full brows, neat hair strokes, a gentle arch to lift the eye (or all three), consider it done!

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Powder/Ombre Brows (Shaded Eyebrows)

This style gives the effect of soft powdered brow makeup behind the natural brow (or in place of them if there’s no existing brow hair). It can be as subtle or as bold as you like, but will always heal to a soft powdery look. 

Bear in mind that the healed look won’t be quite as bold as very heavy makeup, as the pigment is beneath the skin rather than sitting on top, like traditional makeup.

Remember, permanent makeup should be an elegant enhancement to your natural look rather than an overbearing feature.

Whether you’re wishing for sleek arched brows, more definition, or just soft & subtle brows because you have none, let’s get creating!

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Powder Ombre Brow - Permanent Eyebrows
Combination Brow - Permanent Eyebrows

Combination Brows – Hairstrokes and Shading

As the name suggests, this is a blend of both hair strokes and shading to create a defined yet natural looking brow. 

The ratio of hair strokes to shading is never the same on any two clients as they’re designed to blend with your natural brows. We’ll work together to design the optimal style for you!

We all have favourites, and this style is my personal fave to create and to look at!

Whether it’s statement brows you’re after, elegant definition or just naturally fuller looking brows, this style is for you!

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How to prepare for your appointment

Click Here for information on what to avoid before getting permanent makeup, and how to prepare for the best outcome.
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