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Lip Treatments

Bournemouth Permanent Lips

Lip Blush or Full Lip Colour – which will you choose?

Lip Blush and Full Lip Colour

Permanent lip colour not only adds a pop of colour, but you can also enhance the natural shape of your lips, giving the illusion of more volume. Over time the outer border of our lips can look faded, and permanent lip makeup can add that colour back. The result is softly defined, beautifully coloured lips.



All treatments include: A free consultation, Full aftercare treatment, & A top-up appointment after 6 weeks.

2 Different Types of Permanent Lip Makeup

Lip Blush - Permanent Lip Colour

Lip Blush

Lip Blush gives a sheer finish all over.

Your chosen lip colour is slightly stronger around the outer border of the lips, and is gradually blended towards the centre creating a blush effect. Lips can look fuller because the outer border, which fades over the years, is re-defined.

Perfect for you if you want to add some colour or definition back to your lips without the full lipstick look.

Colour appears up to 70% softer once fully healed.

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Full Lip Colour

Your chosen colour is implanted evenly over the whole of the lips for a stronger look. This may be achieved over the usual 2 sessions but occasionally an additional session may be required. This can re-define your lip shape, particularly if your lip border has faded over the years.

Your lips are perfectly coloured 24/7 – just add a clear lip gloss.

Colour appears up to 70% softer once fully healed.

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How to prepare for your appointment

Click Here for information on what to avoid before getting permanent makeup, and how to prepare for the best outcome.
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