Client Testimonials

vicky h review

hairstroke brows reshape
Vicky Hellicker via Google Business

Tracy H Review

soft powdered brows - colour correction (2)
Tracy Haupt via Google Business

Linda, Feather Brows/ Hairstroke Brows

Kirsty, Powder Brows

Kay, Powder Brows

Hannah Porter - Powder Brows

Hannah Porter – Powder Brows

Chynna Johnson, Combination Brows and Eyeliner
Chynna Johnson, Combination Brows and Eyeliner

Ann Parker - Powder Brows

Ann Parker, Powder Brows

Sarah Gwilliam - Powder Brows

Sarah Gwilliam, Powder Brows

Lyn Smith - Powder BrowsLyn Smith - Soft Powder Brows

Lyn Smith, Powder Brows

Anika Reynolds - Powder Brows

Anika Reynolds, Powder Brows

Hannah Kemp - Combination Brows

Hannah Kemp, Combination Brows

Gemma Clark - Powder Brows

Gemma Clark, Powder Brows

Lauren Heppell - Powder Brows

Lauren Heppell, Powder Brows

Connie O'Gormley - Combination Brows

Connie O'Gormley reviews Bournemouth Permanent Makeup
Connie O’Gormley, Combination Brows

Sarah Best - Lip Blush

Sarah Reviews Bournemouth Permanent Makeup
Sarah Best, Lip Blush

Simone Jade Clarke - Powder Brows

Simone Jade Clark Powder Brow, Colour Correction
Lip Enhancement Specialist Alex Milligan

Alex Milligan

Bournemouth Permanent Makeup Specialist

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