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KJ Review

permanent eyeliner tattoo alex milligan
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DS FB Review

DS pmu eyeliner
Facebook Review Dawn S

FR Review

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SMP Review from Google Business Page

SMP Hairline tattoo Alex Milligan
SMP Review from Google Business Page

combination brows by alex milligan (2)
Brow Review from Google Business Page

SMP: scalp micropigmentation - by alex milligan
SMP Review from Google Business Page

SMP Sue B Review

SMP Review

Jacki F, Eyeliner

Powder Brows JM
Jacqui M, Powder Brows

Combo Brows Full Face
Jo H, Powder Brows

Lucy Baillieu, Lip Blush

Powder Brow Bournemouth Permanent Makeup Alex Milligan
Martine Chalk, Powder Brows

Sue B, Powder Brows

Ally, Saline Removal

Rainbow Shine Review

Male Brows - Hairstroke Brow on client with Alopecia
Dan F, Hairstroke Brows

FeatherBrow TS2
Teresa Smith, Feather Brows

Sam Webb, Combination Brows

Combination Brows
Debbie Lonnen, Combination Brows

Kate M, Combination Brows

Sarah Morley, Powder Brows

Nicky Wilson, Powder Brows

pmu brow blonde powder
Lucy Rose, Powder Brows

Heidi Marie, Powder Brows

Dark powder brow
Francoise Derby, Powder Brows

Eleanor Roth , Powder Brows

Warm brown powder brows permanent makeup
Claire Cochrane, Powder Brows

Powder Brows Blonde Carly G
Carly Goode, Powder Brows

Dark Powder Brow PMU
Bev Nicol, Powder Brows

FeatherBrows JCH
Jo C, Feather Brow

hairstrokes combined with shading
Claire J, Powder Brows

Sue Kerr
Sue Kerr, Powder Brows

Abi, Combination Brows

Sally Gillis Powder Brows

hairstroke brows reshape
Vicky Hellicker Feather Brows

soft powdered brows - colour correction (2)
Tracy Haupt Powder Brows

Linda, Feather Brows/ Hairstroke Brows

Kirsty, Powder Brows

Kay, Powder Brows

Hannah Porter – Powder Brows

Chynna Johnson, Combination Brows and Eyeliner
Chynna Johnson, Combination Brows and Eyeliner

Ann Parker, Powder Brows

Sarah Gwilliam, Powder Brows

Lyn Smith, Powder Brows

Anika Reynolds, Powder Brows

Hannah Kemp, Combination Brows

Gemma Clark, Powder Brows

Lauren Heppell, Powder Brows

Connie O'Gormley reviews Bournemouth Permanent Makeup
Connie O’Gormley, Combination Brows

Simone Jade Clark Powder Brow, Colour Correction
Lip Enhancement Specialist Alex Milligan

Alex Milligan

Bournemouth Permanent Makeup Specialist

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