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The ZERO FILLER Way to Beautifully Enhanced Lips

Do You Want Fuller Lips, But Don’t Want Lip Fillers?

Are You Put Off by Lip Filler Horror Stories From the Past?

‘Bee-stung’ lips are a classic sign of youth and beauty and now, more than ever, people of all ages are opting for fillers to enhance their lips. Yes, they have improved since the notoriously dodgy early days (who can’t un-see Leslie Ash’s trout pout?!) But, we still see off-putting stories of fillers gone horribly wrong, which is always a risk you take.

The Good News – Enhance Lips Without Fillers

enhanced lips without fillers

But the good news is, you can still create the stunning illusion of fuller-looking lips, completely safely, in the comfort of your own home and with no specialist equipment!

The Secret Your Lips Never Told You About.

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You might think that the shape and size of your lips are limited by the red lip tissue you’ve been blessed with. Stop and take a closer look in the mirror, because there’s more than meets the eye.

The vermilion border is the roll of paler looking skin which outlines your lips, between the lips and normal skin, and this is the extra bit of fullness your lips have been waiting for you to discover!


How to enhance your lips – and make your cupids bow POP!

Apply a nude lip liner carefully along the vermilion border. It might feel unnatural at first, as though you’re drawing on your face, but you’ll see what a difference this can make. If your liner is very sharp, you can really define the cupids bow by widening it, narrowing it, bringing the tips up and/or the mid-point down. Just don’t go beyond the vermilion border. Use a beauty buffer to blend any harsh lines. Finally, use a brush to apply your chosen lip colour over the lip and the nude liner. See how much fuller your lips look now!

If You Really Want Perfect Lips Both Night & Day Then Here Is the Real Secret…

You Can Permanently Enhance Lips Without FILLERS!

Permanent Fuller Lips Without Fillers

Why not save yourself a lot of time and get your lips professionally enhanced with a semi-permanent lip liner, lip blush or full colour? Your permanent makeup artist will firstly hold a full consultation with you (FREE consultations at Bournemouth Permanent Makeup) and listen to what you want to achieve. It might be to simply add definition to a fading lip line, enhance the shape of your lips, add a subtle, semi-permanent colour or go for full, bold lip colour.

What Happens During Your Permanent Lip Colour Procedure?

Your permanent makeup artist will carefully draw the outline of your desired shape, ensuring perfect symmetry. If fuller lips is on your wish list, this line will be on the vermilion border. Then, after numbing cream is applied to ensure maximum comfort, your PMU artist will gently implant your chosen colour into your perfectly shaped lips for gorgeously defined, beautifully coloured lips, which won’t smudge or wash off. You get perfectly enhanced lips without fillers in sight.

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Alex Milligan Bournemouth Permanent Makeup Specialist
Alex Milligan
Bournemouth Permanent Makeup Specialist