Do You Suffer From Over plucked Eyebrows

Remember When Tweezers Were Your Best Friend!!

If you were around in the ’90s, tweezers were probably one of your very best friends! Over plucked eyebrows were the brow goals of the era! We all wanted to look like the Baywatch babes, as much for their curvy bodies as for their skinny, arched brows.

Eyebrow Trends

Not everyone follows trends for the sake of fashion – most of us stick with what we believe suits us, whether it’s on-trend or not. But imagine being given something you didn’t even know you needed; brows which transform your look in the most subtle of ways, framing your face, defining your eyes and even making you look years younger. Eyebrow trends have evolved over the years, but bespoke and perfectly created brows which enhance your features to the maximum will never go out of fashion.

My Client’s Story – A Busy Mum of Three With Over Plucked Eyebrows

Chynna - over plucked brows

Chynna is a busy mum of three, who was managing a house renovation at the time of her visit with us. On top of this, she frequently attends networking events for her blogging business, and so likes to look her best without having to spend hours scrubbing up. She came along to Bournemouth Permanent Makeup for a free consultation and decided to go ahead with combination brows.

Chynna’s Comments on Her Over plucked brows

Let me start by saying the 90’s over plucking trend hit me HARD. Unfortunately, my over-plucked eyebrows never fully recovered from that era. I had discovered microblading about three years ago in my old home town. However, the experience wasn’t the best and I was never 100 percent happy. Now that we had relocated I sought someone locally who could give me the brows I had been dreaming of for so many years. This is when I found Alex at Bournemouth Permanent makeup. “

From Nerves To Relaxation In a Tranquil Beauty Room

Treatment Room

“Although I had had it done before, I was still feeling a bit nervous. However, Alex made me feel totally at ease. Alex’s treatment room is a calm and tranquil space overlooking the rolling hills, the perfect retreat for a bit of TLC. Top quality numbing creams are used (with the client’s consent and only after a patch test) and once these had kicked in I could really relax into the procedure. As with any treatment, the more relaxed you are, the more comfortable it will feel.”

The Permanent Makeup Consultation

Brow Mapping

“We began by discussing my over-plucked eyebrows. Alex asked what shape, thickness and shade I thought would work but ultimately what you expect isn’t always what would suit you. I put my trust in Alex’s knowledge and had done my research into her previous work. She mapped out where my brows should begin and end, then drew them on in lots of detail so that I could see exactly what the finished product would look like. Now I may be easily impressed but even drawn on they looked a million times better!”

From Over Plucked Brows To WOW Brows!

When I sat up I could not believe the difference. They were better than I could have ever imagined! It has made an amazing difference in the framing of my face and my confidence. I love wearing minimal makeup at the weekends when we are out walking and having my eyebrows done has given me that extra confidence when going makeup-free. I find that when I am wearing makeup, the time that I am saving by not having to faff around drawing my own brows on has been so helpful. I used to dread drawing my eyebrows on and could never get them quite right while still looking natural. The hair strokes in the microblading make them look natural while the darkness of the shading really makes them look defined.”

chynna - Healed Combination Brows

If you too would like to save yourself a whole lot of time in the mornings and evenings, and still have perfect brows, eyeliner or lip colour, contact me today!

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